Finding the space to be free

Last Sunday afternoon I took a yoga class at my CrossFit box. As I sat there on my mat, waiting for class to begin I couldn’t help but look around me and reflect. Reflect on how far I had come since starting there in September. Yes things aren’t perhaps quite where I’d like them to be in a perfect world but in that time I have not only grown much stronger physically but also met some bloody wonderful people whilst at it.

One thing in particular struck me. I was sat in a room filled with efficiency, functionality if you like. The box has the tools necessary – barbells, a rig, weight plates, etc. – but then the also space to move. The space to be free.


Everything there has a purpose. There is no unnecessary, no waste.

I couldn’t help but wonder shouldn’t this be the way we live too?

When I relaunched Cherries & Chisme, I wrote about my desire to explore the idea of minimalism, and this is what I meant. Ridding your life of clutter, of waste and focussing on the essentials. Whilst I’m not planning on moving to a tiny stark empty room of a flat I love that I can throw everything I need, everything I’d miss, into a rucksack and head off to wherever I choose. There is no dependency on objects, on stuff.

I find so often that we get caught up in the pressures of society. The constant advertising, companies marketing their latest product to us, the product that will obviously change our lives. But what is the point? A fleeting moment of happiness at first perhaps, but then we’re left wanting more. Always more.


The pattern reminds me of my old patterns of binge eating. It was just the same. Consuming to hide emotions, for quick satisfaction, quick fulfilment. Except instead of consuming food, it’s consuming stuff. All to no end.

Sometimes I wonder where the culture in many ‘Western’ societies has gone. I see other communities on my travels, read about them in books or even watch them through documentaries, and I feel so much of their togetherness, the culture that binds them.

To me, culture brings the emphasis back to the important things in life. Your people and your freedom. The freedom to be. I know it’s here somewhere, it’s just a case of finding it again.

No questions, just your thoughts…

Getting soaked in Cambridge

This post was meant to go up on Friday morning. Except, I logged myself out of my blog when clearing my cookies to buy some flights… and then I couldn’t work out how to log in again now that I’m self-hosted. I am an idiot. Officially.

Still, better late than never. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend?

Thursday morning saw me heading out on a rather dreary morning to catch the train out of the city to Cambridge to see one of my beautiful best friends, Lottie. Whilst I absolutely love living in London it’s so nice to escape sometimes, to catch up with old friends and see more of Britain. So often we get caught up in travelling to far away places, when really the country we’re in can be pretty bloody wonderful.

I treated myself to my first ever Leon visit at Kings Cross and was not disappointed. Almond milk date sweetened porridge with a side of coffee? Good morning indeed.

Leon breakfast


Kings Cross StationThe beauty of railway stations will never cease to amaze me…

Less than an hour later I was in the paws of my four legged date for the day… Meet Oykel, Lottie’s cutie of a puppy.

whippet puppy

Oykel took a little nap whilst Lottie and I headed off for coffee and much needed catch-ups. I had spotted Espresso Library on Instagram a while back, screenshotted it and sent it to Lots. Turns out, it’s a 5 minute walk away from her house so I was super excited to actually be able to pay it a visit in person.

If you’re ever in Cambridge, go. It was seriously good, my favourite kind of colourful yet clean cut decor and the perfect combination of people working away on their laptops or chattering away quietly. I don’t think you’d feel awkward doing either. Plus, they served almond milk. Did I mention I’m a fan?

Espresso Library Cambridge

Espresso Library Cambridge CoffeeYou know you’ve got a good friend when she automatically waits for your coffee to arrive so you can photograph them all together…

We headed back to pick up Oykel before driving out of the city to the Gog Magog Hills (excellent name) for what I considered to be the most perfectly balanced lunch.

Round one – tomato soup with the best crackers I think I’ve ever eaten. I don’t normally get this excited about crackers but these…well I just went crackers for them. So flavoursome, so delicious.

Round two – (gf) coffee and walnut cake. Lottie’s plate was beautifully clean after hers, as usual. Mine? Crumbs everywhere and all over the table too, as usual. Some things never change.

Gog Magog Hills tomato soup

After happily filling our tummies we all headed off into the hills for a wander in the rain. Quite frankly, it was brilliant. My feet were squelching, I’m pretty sure my make-up was running down my face and I was more than slightly soaked. But I was also out in the fresh air and brilliantly happy. That’s the magic of being in the company of those you love, everything is wonderful.

Gog Magog Hills

Gog Magog Hills Puppy

Gog Magog Hills SheepIt’s obvious you haven’t left the city in a while when you get excited to see sheep again and feel compelled to take a photograph of them…

Cow Parsley

All in all, a perfectly imperfect day. The best.

Are you a city dweller or a country bumpkin? Have you ever been to Cambridge?

Stop and smell the roses

I grew up in a really beautiful house. The front was red brick and absolutely covered in wisteria. In summertime the outside would turn into a wall of purple, the branches would creep in through my bedroom window, filling the house with a delicious flowery scent.

We don’t live there anymore, and looking back can often bring some tough memories. But each time I smell wisteria I am transported back to the happy memories of my childhood, the simple adventures of the young and free.

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know I’m a great believer in the tough times making joyful moments shine all the brighter, and things have been no different as of late. This past week has been jam packed full of assignments and studying. It should have been stressful, and at times it was, but it was also brilliant.

A particularly difficult afternoon on Monday led to me taking a walk home to calm down. Nearing the end of my journey I passed an amazing organic fresh produce and health food store, Seasons & Blossoms. I must have passed it countless times, either running or on the bus, but never fully slowed down to take it in. Naturally, I had to pick up some early English strawberries. Naturally, they were gone within 24 hours.

Seasons & Blossoms

I finally took myself for a run along Regents Canal, like I’d been promising myself for weeks, months even. It did not disappoint. Put me next to water and I’m bound to be a happy girl.

Regents Canal Running

A sunny Thursday afternoon saw me lunching in the park in Shoreditch. One of the best things about an early lunch? There’s nobody around. Bliss my friends, bliss.

City Lunching

After a rather sleepy, though invigorating, CrossFit session on Saturday morning (Friday night drinks a coordinated me do not make) I headed west to meet the lovely Kiah who was in town for the rugby. On the way to our brunch spot I was rather overexcited to find a whole square named after Hereford, the city I grew up in.

Hereford Square

Brunch. Yes. Discovering they also have almond milk? YES.

Bumpkin Brunch

A rather tense me headed off to yoga on a sunny Sunday afternoon. An hour or so later this calm content person emerged. I forgot how well yoga treats your mind, body and soul. Plus it’s pretty cool to do yoga at your CrossFit box, I’ll be back this weekend that’s for sure.

Red phonebox

I then rode my wave of zen all the way to Old Street where, fuelled up with iced coffee and an irresistible gf raspberry cheesecake brownie, I calmly put the finishing touches my essay. Magic.

timberyard old street

I couldn’t not walk home on Sunday night, it was too warm and sunny to sit on a bus. Wandering through the streets of North London I felt like one lucky girl indeed. Life is pretty sweet really. I stopped, smelt the roses wisteria, and smiled.

wisteria angel london

What have been the roses in your life this week?

Just Say…No?

Typically, I’m a “yes” person. Yes to the new adventure, the trip, the coffee date, the impulsive meet-up. But sometimes you need to step back.

Leading a healthy lifestyle means being in tune with your body, and listening when it wants a break. Just last Thursday night I was due to go for drinks with friends, though our plans were a bit vague I knew the rough plan was there. But the more I thought about it, the more stressed out I got about going.

So I came back to the all important question, the question I’ve been trying to ask myself on a daily basis. What do you want to do right now?

just say no

So often we get caught up in the constant flow of “doing” that is our lives. Rushing on to the next appointment, the next meeting, the next deadline, the next date, the next, next, next… We forget to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Taking myself away from my “should” I realised that what I wanted to do was rest up at home, give myself a bit of TLC to finally ditch my never ending cold and to work on my essay. I wanted to be an anti-social hermit. Why? Because right now my degree is my priority, and that’s okay.

That night made me realise that it’s okay to say no sometimes. Not just because you’re super busy but because sometimes you need to spend time with, arguably, the most important person in your life. Yourself.

Remember way back when the lovely Ariel Upton did an amazing Skype gig for us in Buenos Aires? Well since then she has grown her beautiful Instagram account, soon to be a blog I believe, “Today I Did It Right“. The aim is simple, to end each day being able to say “today I did it right”, I did what I wanted to do. I can’t help but think she really has hit the nail on the head.

Stop and take a second to consider your priorities. Think about what is your number one aim right now, and adjust your aims accordingly. It’s okay to take a moment out from your day, your week, your month, maybe even your year!

Are you in training for a major sporting event/a pro athlete? No? Then a missed workout will not be the end of the world. In fact, even if you are if your body’s asking for a break it’ll probably help you.

Have you cancelled on your friends a lot lately? Nope? I’m sure if they’re good friends they’ll understand that you need a bit of time.

Step back and think about what you really want to do, right now. What’s stopping you? Maybe you’re on a deadline, maybe there are other people depending on you. But I’m pretty sure a little time out won’t be the end of the world.

Do you find yourself struggling to take a step back? When was the last time you said “no”?

A Change of Course

There’s something about being in your early 20s that can be pretty magical. I can constantly feel myself growing, evolving and learning… so it seems pretty natural that my blog will too.

For quite some time now I’ve felt a little…strange with where I’m going with my writing. I started out reading healthy living blogs and so that’s what I set out to write myself. I needed a space to talk openly about my struggles and my relationship with food as I explored new ways of eating and found what was best for me.

A few weeks ago I wrote my most personal post yet, my quest for the perfect body. The day it was published I was surprised by how emotional I felt, it was like a great release. It’s only now that I realise that I have been wanting to write that post since the very first day I started blogging. And now? I don’t really want to write about food so much anymore.

I noticed recently how my posts had been becoming much more ‘lifey’ in nature, I had little interest in photographing all my meals, and I was feeling…restless. It was time for a change, an official one.

I’ve never been much of a recipe creator. In fact, I don’t even really like cooking very much. Simple dinners are my forte and baking is a great therapy for me, but only when following someone else’s instructions. Creating my own? No thank you. Yet, still I found myself comparing my measly attempts to the beautiful creations I saw on Instagram. Then I realised, that just isn’t me.

So what is me? I asked myself, what is the one word that would sum up my life, from professional to blogging to personal? It came in an instant – freedom.

Freedom in my career – working towards the fulfilment of universal human rights, a world where everyone is able to do and be as they choose. In my personal life, the freedom to follow my own path and be who I want to be.

I’ve got my food freedom, it took a long time but I made it, with some wonderful support and friendships made along the way. So now I want to redirect this blog, my own personal space, to reflect a more holistic view of freedom in all aspects of life.


I still plan to write about health, after all good health allows us to be free to do whatever we like… run a 10k, feel energised for a busy hectic day and still see our friends that night. Food and fitness are here to stay.

Almond latte love


Has anyone noticed that I’m kind of addicted to travelling? Just a little bit. The freedom to explore the world is an incredible gift and one that I plan on fully taking advantage off, learning from other people, other cultures and my own.

Trekking Argentina


Freedom from clutter! I’ll be honest, a crowded room stresses me out. Why do we need to buy so much stuff? Is it to replace other holes in our lives? Or are we just stuck in the routine because it seems so normal to us? Freedom from clutter gives us freedom to move, and freedom to explore who we truly are.

But not just freedom from clutter, freedom from negativity. Be it negative people or negative aspects in our lives – are they really necessary? These are all things I’m still learning about, and hopefully I’ll be able to explore more as time goes on.

So I hope you will stick with me on this new adventure, as Cherries & Chisme moves towards a lifestyle blog. I’m so excited for what the future holds! And I really hope you like the new design.

Looking Forward: May

So I’m trying a new thing here. I know pretty much every other blogger out there recaps each month and sets goals for the next but I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon. This year’s been pretty hectic so far, especially with a whole host of uni deadlines mildly increasing my stress levels. Now though? I’m feeling pretty great.

Since I got back from skiing something’s shifted and life’s been pretty awesome. Cat mentioned the whole spring in the air and our connection with nature and I can’t help but wonder that maybe she has a point (I knew we were hippies really). So life is good, and I’m excited!

Looking Forward: May

What’s May going to bring then?

Work Life

My last ever essay is due on 11th May! I’m a quarter way through on my word count and just need to keep at it. Best make the last one a good ‘un!

On 21st May I have a 24 hour exam. Aim = survive. Enough said on that subject.

May will also be my last full month at my internship, I’ve met some wonderful people there and the learning has been invaluable so I really want to be sure to make the most of the rest of my time there.


Yesterday I FINALLY went self-hosted. It’s only taken a year and a half. Pretty pleased to have finally made the switch, beyond pleased actually. Bloody delighted.

I’ve got lots of changes planned for May, which shall be announced in the not too distant future. Until then…keep guessing.

Fitness Shizzle

On 16th May my friend Kiah and I are running Run or Dye in Bath, we’ve booked an AirBnb for the night before to make a mini weekend of it. I’ve always wanted to do a Colour Run so am super excited!

I also need to get my act together and find a good half marathon training plan for the GNR in September that will fit in with CrossFit. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’m hoping to get away with (!) still CrossFitting three times a week and then running twice a week…


This past month I’ve taken much better care of myself and it definitely comes hand in hand with feeling better overall. My nails are almost always filed and I’m getting better at painting them and not letting them get too chipped. Slapping on the coconut oil has meant my skin isn’t quite so dry. And I got a haircut. Boom. So basically I need to keep up with these and work out how to make my hair look semi-neat on a regular basis. Without too much effort, obviously. I am still me after all.

Fun Stuff

So apparently when your life doesn’t solely consist of work and deadlines you get to have a social life? Who knew! It’s kinda fun. For May I want to keep up with this, but also be conscious of saying yes to too much stuff and burning out. Even if it doesn’t seem like much at the time, sometimes life gets tiring.

But still, lots of fun things planned in May including a reunion weekend away in Yorkshire with my old uni friends… Wish me luck!

What are you looking forward to this May? Have you noticed a change in your mood with Spring?

A Taste of Argentina, in London

It’s no secret that I’m kind of in love with the beautifully crazy place that is Argentina, and a huge part of that is the food. There, the food plays an important role in the passionate nature of the Argentine culture. Obviously food always tastes best in its appropriate country, surrounding by the sights, sounds and smells that go together to form that amazing culture.

Sadly, I can’t always pop across the Atlantic whenever I’m in need of a good steak (one day Pip, one day…) so a girl’s got to make do with what she can get. And this week that was pretty bloody awesome. My trusty food tasting sidekick and I tried out Garufin near Holborn (Cat did all the legwork in finding the place, I just showed up and…ate).

The street entrance was unassuming with just a cute flight of stairs taking us down to the basement restaurant. I want to have a staircase like this some day… Gorgeous checkered tiles and surrounded by pictures of adventures from far flung places.

Garufin staircase

Garufin entrance

I’ll be honest, I had my doubts when we were greeted by a somewhat surly seeming waiter but it turned out that was all part of his charm. We had some great discussions about all the difference wines of Argentina (Mendoza wines, my favourite, are so good due to the high altitude apparently) and he brought us plenty of mini samples to try.

We managed to change our minds halfway through ordering leading us to accidentally order a start and the mixed grill to share. Oh well, needs must…


Provoleta can be found in all the parillas (grills) across Buenos Aires and is an amazing “pulled-curd” cheese grilled on the asado (BBQ) typically served with bread for dipping, or in this case parsnip fries. I prefer to let it cool down a little before eating as this allows it to set and sweeten a little leading to some serious cheese perfection, as our waiter fully agreed.

Next up, the meat main party.

Garufin mixed grill

It’s very hard to make meat look pretty (or let’s be honest if you’re me, it’s very hard to make most things look pretty) but this was seriously delicious. More grilled cheese, morcilla (the best ever blood sausage), chorizo, grilled red peppers and aubergine, sirloin steak and flank steak. Oh, and chimichurri aka the best sauce ever.

Yes, we cleaned the plate. It was absolutely epic, I cannot even begin. The meat was perfectly juicy (we didn’t even need to ask for it to be done medium rare), the morcilla was on point, the vegetables tasted beautifully grilled and smokey and the cheese party just kept on going.

We didn’t have room for pudding and there was no decaf coffee for us old women but the restaurant seemed perfectly happy to keep topping up our water glasses and let us chatter on with no rush to leave. I’m torn between wanting to return and wanting to ‘research’ all the other Argentine restaurants in London… It’s a tough call.

Have you found a taste of your favourite holiday when back home?

Disconnecting to get connected

I’ve written before about our obsession with social media and technology, and it’s still something I think about regularly today. The amount of time throughout each that I pick up my phone to flick absentmindly through Instagram or read a blog post whilst waiting for a bus is probably a little bit ridiculous. But lately I’ve noticed I’ve started to do that less and less, and it feels amazing.

Okay okay, maybe not the Instagram bit. It’s still my favourite form of social media. But seriously, my blog reading has dropped dramatically as of late, and I’m okay with that. More and more often I’m finding myself selecting ‘mark as read’ on Bloglovin’ as I decide to spend my time in real life instead.

FullSizeRender (22)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the blogging world (I wouldn’t be here otherwise) but it’s not my whole life. It’s great to escape sometimes, to read about someone else’s life as yours seems a little boring that day. I’m a dreamer and I always will be, dreaming of new adventures, new places discovered, lessons learnt and people met. But I never want that to get in the way of the here and now. I don’t want to waste my time comparing my life to other people’s, and dismissing my own as their’s seems more beautiful, more glamorous, more together.

This past Wednesday I was having a pretty rough day and home alone with my housemate on holiday I really needed someone to talk to, and through the power of technology (aka my iPhone) my friends were there right with me, in an instant. I felt so bloody lucky to have these amazing people surrounding me (albeit virtually) and my day turned right around. Yes I was connected, but with myself and the people I love.

It reminded me to live each moment in the here and now. Time is finite so we should choose how we spend it wisely. Let go, and let the moment wash over you.

How do you disconnect and keep connected?

A Perfect Body (The Guy’s Perspective)

After writing my perfect body post I realised I wanted to get the other side of the story and to see what it’s like living as a guy in this crazy world. When I thought about who I wanted to write it I knew it had to be my awesome friend Roberto who I met in Buenos Aires, and who now lives back in Boston in the US. When we were in Argentina we had some great chats about the social pressures facing both men and women and how we felt compelled to look, and be, a certain way. Here’s his perspective… Body image. It’s distorted. It’s stressful. It’s “a work in progress”. It’s something that really effects women. But is it just women? Are men not affected by the same, in-your-face-propaganda we’re all subjected to everyday? I am a male, in my early 20’s, and the ideal body image has evolved with me as I’ve gotten older. There’s the pressure…or more accurately, the “suggestion” of what a male body should look like. Chiseled, sculpted, tall, lean, and often hairless. It’s easy to dismiss the effect that male magazines, with their array of suited men to barely-clothed models in designer undergarments can have on us (yes, I am speaking for men at large here). But it takes its toll on you, with every passing advertisement oozing deeper under your skin, like a stream of water slowly penetrating a crack in the road. But for what? What do I gain in the end? I’ve tried to maintain strict regiments, but I began analyzing what I eat, instead of enjoying it. I strove to look like the guys I saw in fashion magazines, dedicating more time in the gym than with those close to me. Now, I am not saying to disregard physical fitness, but like my good friend Pip said earlier, the perfect body is the body that lets me do what I want. I am able to enjoy life with the body I’ve been given, pushing it to the limit when I want to, and resting it when I need to. I work on my body not to make “it” better, but to make my myself and my life better. With this body I’ve been able to trek glaciers in Patagonia, mountains in Morocco, and cobblestone streets in Italy. It works for me and what I want to do, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Thanks for much for sharing Roberto!  Again, just asking for your thoughts today…

A Perfect Body

A few weekends back I was in Birmingham catching up with one of my favourites. Whilst there we ended up having the classic body discussion. The media, society and our culture as a whole constantly bombard us with their perception of what our perfect bodies should be. From skinny to strong, guy to girl, the pressure is there. So grab yourself a coffee and let’s chat.

I can safely say that in the last 8 years I have pretty much had the whole range of different body types. As a teenage rower at school I stayed roughly the same size, I trained a tonne (through chasing my dream rather than an obsession) and ate whatever I wanted. Yes I had my insecurities but sadly that seems to be par for the course as a teenage girl these days.

Then I left school and headed off to Venezuela, New Zealand and Fiji for 5 months of epic travelling. That time was such an incredible adventure and exercise and healthy eating weren’t exactly at the forefront of my mind as an eighteen year old seeing the world for the first time. Partying and adventures? Yup, nailed it. Strangely enough by the end I wasn’t feeling myself anymore, in fact I was the biggest I had ever been. I was unfit and, for me, overweight.

New Zealand 2010New Zealand 2010

For someone who had grown up focussed on sport, not really drinking much and with a pretty consistent body size this was a whole new issue to deal with. And I knew it wasn’t just my own self-doubt this time. So began the real rollercoaster of diets, guilt tripping and binge eating as I desperately sought comfort in this new world. I was on an endless quest for the next best quick fix, that diet which would make me skinny, the solution to all my troubles… I’d cut out carbs after six, fat, and so on. Time and time again I’d crash and burn. I’d be too hungry and would dive head first into a pile of homemade cookies, head first into comfort.

I headed off to uni which, let’s be honest, doesn’t exactly help any health quest. Skipping over first year, in my second and third years I was trying to cut weight to compete as a lightweight rower, and this was not done the healthy way. Cue processed low calorie low fat ‘foods’, an obsession with calorie counting and feeling dizzy and weak on a daily basis. I was cold, hungry and couldn’t even concentrate enough to hold a proper conversation with my friends. I became preoccupied with counting down the time until my next meal, the next diet coke, anything. I remember one particular occasion, standing in the queue at Starbucks debating what size (black) americano I was ‘allowed’ to buy, with a 6 cal difference between them. I was in panic mode and I was miserable.

December 2012December 2012

At this time I was also the skinniest I’ve ever been in my adult life. In January 2013 I bought a size 6 skirt. A few days later my back injury overwhelmed me and I had to stop rowing. I felt like a complete failure. Rowing had been a part of me since the age of 14 and now I couldn’t do it and I felt like it was all my fault, like I hadn’t tried hard enough. I was utterly lost.

So what to do? I figured that since I could eat now I might as well make the most of it. My eating began to spin out of control as I consumed excessive amounts of less than healthy foods, for fear that I’d never be allowed to eat them again. I was embarrassed by my obsession and did my best to hide it from everyone I knew, although I’m sure that the changes in my body more than showed the problem.

June 2013June 2013 – doesn’t everyone drink champagne in a field with a party hat on after they get their degree results?

Slowly but surely my self-loathing grew stronger and stronger. In desperation I found myself browsing the Internet one evening, searching for a solution, a way out. I stumbled across a list of the ‘Top UK Bloggers’ and found Laura’s blog, Wholeheartedly Healthy. The more I read, the more I felt like change was possible. To my delight I found that she had started health coaching and was based in Durham, the same city as my university. It couldn’t have been more perfect. At the time I kept my health coaching secret, again I was embarrassed that I ‘needed’ this help. To this day I don’t talk about it often and I debated sharing it in this post today but to not mention it would do Laura’s work an injustice, I don’t think I’d be where I am now without her. Through working together I began to see food as a nourishment, I learnt that I could eat whatever I wanted and that it would be okay. And so my journey came to take its best turn yet…

Summer 2013 onwards I began to loose the weight I’d gained that previous Spring. I returned to working out as my injury calmed down, and I began to rebuild my relationship with food. There were still moments, there always are to be honest. But I began to learn how to handle them. As I headed to Buenos Aires in January 2014 I found myself starting to finally feel like me, a new me. My time in Argentina gave me the space to learn that it was okay to be me, something for which I’ll forever be grateful.

Upon my return I found my eating naturally inching towards paleo and I completed out the Whole 30 challenge. Educational as it was, I found myself returning to my old restrictive tendencies, somewhere I never want to go again. But again it was reiterated to me the wonders of good fats and real food. The fear gradually began to ebb away…

Whilst in Buenos Aires I started CrossFit and found what I missed from rowing, that push of your body to its extreme limits. Stretching its potential. Through eating real food, food that suits me, and pushing myself in my physical abilities I’ve found my new body.

April 2015April 2015

So, that quest for a perfect body, a quest that is now over. A quest that has haunted for me years… But what is my perfect body?

…a body that allows me to run 10k just because I feel like it

…a body that allows me to eat cake and laugh with my friends

…a body that carries me on the greatest of adventures

…a body that lifts heavier weights each week

…a body that will, somehow, get me through the toughest of WODs

…a body that will be nourished from a kale salad

…a body that enjoys a good glass of wine

…a body that sometimes needs rest and a bit of TLC

…a body that holds me strong in the roughest of times

…a body that surprises me and that I learn from every day

I guess in some ways it sounds kind of obnoxious to speak of a perfect body. I can’t say that I like my body every day but I can say that I know now it’s right for me, right now. It allows me to live the way I want to and I guess that’s pretty special.

Just asking for your thoughts today…